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Irbosol Financial Consultants

Managing your money


Irbosol Financial Consultants is located at the heart of one of Europe’s most dynamic and fastest growing international communities and is equipped to offer foreign residents and real estate investors a full spectrum of services.

Whether you need help to open a simple bank account, obtain a mortgage to finance a property purchase, a personal loan, establishing or purchasing an offshore company, structure a health insurance scheme, or you are seeking general tax advice we either have the answers to all your questions or can point you in the right direction.

As independent advisers we take a global viewpoint, utilising a broad network of resources and contacts in order to offer our clients a tailored service that they would expect in their home countries.

Our experienced team, therefore, endeavours to always find the appropriate institution (bank, financial bodies or services etc) capable of providing strategic and effective solutions to your financial needs.
We should emphasise that this information is a general guideline. Specific advice on any relevant subject should always be sought and the Irbosol Group is pleased to help you obtain this expertise. For further

details and information see the following website:

Irbosol Financial Consultants offers a comprehensive
range of services

  • Purchasing offshore companies – this service covers the establishment of favourable tax structures, tax exemption, avoidance of inheritance tax  and local succession law, and exemption from both local transfer and capital gains tax as well as other local legal fees
  • Residential mortgages and personal loans – expertise in structuring mortgages or loans according to individual needs
  •  Life insurance and property insurance
  • Financial planning – determining objectives and the best way to achieve
  •  Them Investment management – creating a diversified portfolio through asset management that matches the financial goals and risk tolerance of each client
  • Healthcare planning – medical and dental care insurance
  • Estate planning – protecting a client’s assets and providing an efficient management of those assets



      Irbosol SGPS : Estate Centre, Estrada das Pereiras, 8135-105 Almancil, Algarve, Portugal
Tel: (+351) 289 351 500 Fax: (+351) 289 351 509
Email : geral [at] irbosol.com
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